Chinese Sky Lanterns Add Special Meaning to Events

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Sky lanterns were first used in ancient China as a method of communication on the battlefield. Today, lantern festivals are celebrated around the world as a symbolic gesture of letting go of the past so a new, better self can emerge.

Naturally, these floating ornamental lights have found their way into many celebrations, including wedding ceremonies and parties of all kinds.

Think of Chinese sky lanterns as hot air balloons made out of paper. They have an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended, making them similar to an airborne version of paper lanterns you may be more familiar with. 

Chinese sky lanterns provide thought-provoking, meaningful beauty as they peacefully float in the sky. They are 100% biodegradable, don’t require any assembly and are made from flame-retardant papers that come in vibrant and muted colors to match the look and feel of any celebration. Currently, SuperShow Fireworks carries white and colored lanterns.

The fuel cells typically stay lit for 8-10 minutes and float about 3,000 feet into the air. On calm days with little or no wind, they float back down within 50 feet from where they were released. On days with a little wind, lanterns will travel at the same velocity and direction as the wind while it’s airborne. We don’t recommend using the lanterns on days that are windier than 3 MPH.

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